About the EAO

The Egyptian American Organization (EAO) was founded in 1984 with the following goals:

  • To provide a forum for Egyptian Americans to serve their interests and preserve their rich cultural traditions so they and their children would take pride in their unique heritage, their knowledge of the Arabic language, and their bicultural experience.

  • To promote understanding and enhance interaction between the Egyptian American community and the rest of the American public and its institutions.

  • To promote understanding and cooperation between the American and Egyptian peoples, and support Egypt’s efforts toward progress.

The EAO plans several annual functions, which include but are not limited to events such as the “Outstanding Achievement Award” ceremony, educational lectures by prominent speakers, and other social and recreational events which attract adults, youth and children.

The EAO is a nonprofit tax-exempt California corporation which relies on the volunteer work of its members, most of whom are professionals giving their time, effort and resources to accomplish the successful program that the organization offers.

The EAO’s bylaws allow various forms of membership for Egyptian Americans and others who are interested in the Egyptian culture and the EAO’s activities.